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  • I never tire talking about medicine Do you know I wanted to become a doctor when I was younger? Then I settled studying philosophy and failing in that too. Oh well.
    I don't think it's off topic, we are discussing fictional magic and real world medicine interactions.

    About repairing DNA: there is a function of the immunitary system , the DNA enzyme repair, that does precisely that, heals genetic damage in cells or induce apoptosi in irrevocabily compromised ones. The amount of DNA repair varies depending on many factors ( cell type, cell age, general state of the tissue )....
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  • Thanks for the reply, Black Fox.

    I've only a consideration to make.
    Some of the things who a sorcerer can make according to the book WoD: Sorcerer are:

    - duplicating first to third level vampiric Disciplines and Werewolf gifts ( path of Alchemy, page 89 )
    - shift car-sized objects in a 100 feet range ( path of Conjuration, page 92 )
    - conjuere earthquakes, fire, lighting, clouds of smoke, water tides, rust, freezing water, dust storms and explosions of fire ( path of Hellfire, page 103 )
    - become invisible by engulfing himself in darkness ( page...
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  • To cure cancer it's not enough to excise it, you must destroy or stop the metastatic cells who often are already spread in the body well before the main tumor reach it's critical mass. Often when you remove a tumoral mass, the metastatic cells suddendly develope new tumors even more quickly. Human body has means to defend itself ( we would be dead before adulthood if not ) and when the main mass is remove it... well, in absence of a better definition, it "lowers the guard".
    There's a gene, P 53, who regulates cellular apoptosis and that is often compromised in malignant cells....
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  • There are other paths that, mabye, could be used to prolong one's lifespan.

    Path of Alchemy and path of Herbalism / Brewing seem quite complementary to the path of Healing. Using healing potions to support other techniques.
    Path of Enchanting could be used to create a charm that increases Stamina or confer a bonus against illness.
    Path of Shapeshifting involves control over the sorerer's own body and the power to alter it. Mabye a sorcerer can "rearrange the clay of his body" in order to repair damage.

    And a radical solution: to hybernate...
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  • ( sorry, double post )
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  • Since all healing except ( mabye? ) pain soothing explicitly requires time, I read that as the ability of heal a wounded heart after the stroke, assuming the person has been already hospedalized and medicated.

    Basically the permanent stroke damage is a scar into heart tissue that compromise functionality and blood irroration, not to mention that internal scars are prone to infect more easily and to generate a chronic inflammatory state that in the long term can lead to further stroke and mabye cancer ( it seems there is a correlation between malignant cancer and chronic tissue inflamation...
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  • Sorcerer - path of healing: gateway to immortality?

    According to World of Darkness: Sorcerer, pg. 103, magical healers tend to live less than ordinary people because either they burn themselves by healing too much too quickly, or are weared down psychologically by the many sorrows and traumas of the World of Darkness since they often ( which means not always ) are people with strong compassion and / or sense of duty. It's underlined how healing - expecially serious illness and wounds - takes a lot from the healer.

    But, if a sorcerer of that path chooses to use his power only to heal himself, could he prolong his lifespan? ( that does...
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  • Solomon Draak
    started a topic Sunlight damage

    Sunlight damage

    So, the Difficulty for soaking aggravated sunlight damage ( only with Resilience ) are, from the manual:

    3 Heavy clouds or twilight, indirect light
    5 Fully covered with heavy clothing
    7 Through a window
    9 Outside in a cloudy day
    10 Direct and unobscured sunlight

    So, cumulation of attenuating circumstances can lead to receiving no damage at all?
    For example:

    Hiding in the shadow of buildings ( but still outside ) in a heavy clouded day or at twilight ?
    Wearing heavy clothing in an heavy clouded day or at twilight...
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  • I think that too, but that's the point. I don't find comfortable to forget it is a game, a story.

    About Cinderella, I don't think her is a pure intellectual curiosity. I think she's a destroyed person. She may rationally understand that society consider her actions wrong but I doubt she still possess the free will necessary to make a choice.

    The point is, there are many self-made monster who reached that point due their choice. But she, she was destroyed as a child, much before being able to self-determinate....
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  • Do you ever felt bad for something you read about World of Darkness?

    I know perfectly well that is a game and I'm always detached enough to enjoy a good story... well, except once, just once.
    When I read the story of Ella Young aka the Genius slasher "Cinderella" I couldn't avoid feeling a pang of compassion for her character - although I knew it was fictional.

    I don't know exactly what touched a cord inside me. Probably the combination of horrific abuse and horrific crimes.

    The actions of "Cinderella" are horrible, mabye the worst imaginable. To inflict slow, lingering pains untill the psyche...
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  • There's no Vitae gain but the blood processed through a staked vampire is vampiric vitae. Much better flavor and addictive....
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  • I'll try to answer as clearly as I can. I'll start with question 2.
    Personally, I am deeply fascinated with the concept of "mastering the inner demon" and "stealing power from the supernatural". I found even more interesting and inspiring the idea of self-determination, to shape the self and exceed human limitations and weaknesses. For example, the idea of an independent ghoul that is not born from accident or circumstances, but actuallly hunted and captured a vampire, forced the monster to give him the powers of a Ghoul and managed to circumvent or overcome the blood...
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  • One thing is to be yourself although changed by a spirit who gets absorbed in your personality and soul. Another thing his having that spirit slowly - or not so slowly - devour your mind and soul. First case, you are still fundamentally yourself. Second case, the "you" dies before your body dies.

    About dying, the common fomori is able to survive his host's death.
    This one wants to imprison / absorb / tie so tighly his soul with the spirit that they become truly one or - at the very least - the spirit cannot survive his host's death anymore ( and therefore, I guess,...
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  • Tangential question...
    could it be possible to soul trade with a Bane spirit, then become a Fomori merging with that same spirit?
    Or merging with another?
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  • Self-preservation. Survival. Pain avoidance also, on a lesser degree.
    I wasn't thinking about "using corrupted power for the greater good". I always found that self delusional and somewhat self righteous too.

    The point isn't that the character doesn't want to be selfish, he doesn't want to be stupidly selfish. He does not want to self destruct, to go insane, to twist his body to the point of non functionality, to lose free will. Overall, he doesn't want to die.

    The control I was talking is not to be selfish only sometimes, is to be selfish in a non-suicidal...
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  • My idea was actively absorbing the spirit inside mind and soul rather than passively allow it to merge. Ideally, the occultist and the spirit truly becomes one, since the spirit we are talking about is an extremely weak and simple spirit, one of those who can be contained in a single beer can or pill, one of those who - alone - would never turn a person to a fomor.
    The occultist deliberately nurtures that little spirit inside him, feeds it precisely what he wants in order to shape it ( cold, rational ambition and egotism, untainted by petty jealousy, pointless wrath, self-loathing or delusional...
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  • An exemplar of virtue would not even consider the idea. Even if he did, the bane would find no nourishment and die.
    The point is to feed the spirit ( a very minor bane spirit, similar to those little semi-sentient that Pentex manifacture inside beers or pills ) enough to nurture it but keeping control over it.
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  • To Possess a Possessor: the self-made fomor

    Possessed: a Player's Guide, at pg 26, describes quite well the process of resisting - or attempt resisting - the possession from a Bane spirit. Basically it's a contest of Willpower which ends, if the mortal is successful, with the spirit expelled from his host. By changing those behiavours that led to possession, the host has better chances to win.
    Better case scenario, a competent exorcist can not only force away the spirit but also forbid it from attempting further possession of the same target.

    To the other extreme, there are volunteers for possession ( pg 29 ) who may...
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  • But does that, at least, means the demon can't come collect before the character dies?
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  • Sorcerer / Book of Madness soul trading

    From WoD: Sorcerer, pg 83 - sidebar Infernal Pact.

    According to the book, the "basic" infernal pact involves desacrate anything considered holy, renounce former gods and pledge himself to darkness.
    If that his done, the new Infernalist gets 3 dots in a Dark Sorcery path and 3 rites.

    That explicitly do not involve soul trading ( not yet ). The soul-trading pact grants 5 dots and appropriate rituals.

    So, what happens if an Infernalist just does the basic pact and then forgets about doing more, content with the power he has?

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