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  • Corvus642
    replied to Locking effects
    Thanks for the advice guys it's super helpful. If I'm in a combat situation and staple on effects that reduce the difficulty of my rolls to attack and defence, boost damage and soak, assuming successes and time enough to set up the effects, there would be no further cost (apart from possible paradox should I use any particularly vulgar effects, or pattern bleed if I use the life sphere to physically transform my character)? I'm used to simpler, less comprehensive Disciplines and effects and limitations so it's blowing my mind a little just how much a prepared mage can set up.
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  • Corvus642
    started a topic Locking effects

    Locking effects

    Hey guys first time Mage player moving in from V20, had some questions about locking effects. From what my group can see, there doesn't appear to be any real or restrictions beyond the initial time/paradox cost of casting effects and locking them to objects or people. This seems too good to be true and one of the group is sure pattern bleed or permanent paradox (or at lest, paradox that won't go away until the effect is cancelled/ended) is involved to help balance things out to ensure there's a price for these effects.

    Any advice or thoughts would be very welcome, especially if we've...
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