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  • Simple question, I think. Does using a Rote automatically make a spell obviously a spell? For example, if my character is casting Clear Thoughts as a Rote on a Sleeper and tells them "it's a part of the therapy" can that track, or is a Rote automatically a whole lot of glossia (I assume not without a High Speech Yantra) and gesticulating (reading the Core Book I'm thinking... probably not, but Mudra requirements have me guessing)?

    My assumption (for the example) is that if you can get the Sleeper one on one and convince them that what you're doing is a natural but unconventional...
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  • I don't... think so. According to the Doc it's not impossible, just highly unlikely.

    I supppse the only thing I'm really worried about is hanging a lasting relinquished spell off a mortal sleeper for the rest of his life. Best case scenario the spell is going to light up his pattern to any passerby Mage, if they happen to be a Banisher or a Seer looking to take advantage or even just another in the Consili with a score to settle... it's kind of paonting a big vulnerable target on him, and my Mage by extension....
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