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  • Janissary87
    replied to Cast Forward in Time
    In my game my players just fought off a Solar whi piggy-backed on the back end if an Exaltation through a combination of Sidereal Astrology and Divine hijinks. After a helluva battle inside the mind/souls scape of the Solar PC under the invasion the PC's have ended up with a "memory box" containing the identity and knowledge of the dispaced would-be god king.

    Now the PC whose mind was initially invaded gets to decide if the knowledge of that dead Solar is worth giving up a portion of his identity (intimacies and principles).

    Not exactly what you're talking...
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  • The more I consider it the more I appreciate the idea of contrasting DB philosophies. The Dynasts have a built in duty to act in the best interests of the mortals under their care, while the Prasadi may not feel as socially obligated, but are more open to change; which could make them more or less likely allies depending on the morality of the characters in question.

    From the perspective of playing/running games for Anathema, 's a bit like old conflict betweenn supporting moral traditionalist who hate/distrust you out of principal, or supporting the cynics with less integrity but...
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  • I agree, it sounds more like an example of cultures willing particular religious perspective into theological "fact" than a factual representation of Dragonblooded Metaphysics.

    It is an interesting detail that tells us a bit about the way the Prasadi view their place in Creation and how it differs from the Immaculates.
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