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  • god machine.

    That's the hope! I think it comes down to enjoying the WoD aesthetic, but not so much the tales of horror in general. Enjoyable once in a while, but ultimately not my bag.

    Thanks! And yeah, was picking up on what you posted earlier. We just don't know enough about society and how behaviour works to say with certainty, but the game world can be an interesting way to explore the idea, assuming everyone is on the same page.

    Definitely true that the "great" folks in Exalted are nothing like those we'd point...
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  • I can't imagine telling an Exalted in the modern world (not our world, but an analogue) that wasn't already better told in Kingdom Come. (You could argue Watchmen, but then we'd have to knife fight).

    Personally, I'm fiddling with the idea of an Exalted in Chronicles of Darkness crossover that reads like something between Chrono Trigger (G-M as a Lavos analogue, obviously) and cosmic tier Unknown Armies. It's a silly-silly idea that mostly tugs at the heartstrings of my trench coats and katana sub-genre loving self, and it would be an absolute trainwreck, but I would pay serious...
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