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  • I found a post from Dave B. that says that Acts of Hubris can be mundane action. Most of the list of Acts of Hubris can easily be considered mundane, the only of which would be soul stone creation (but self mutilation is mundane as well), using magic in front of sleepers, and using magic instead of mundane action. Wouldn't Legacy Attainments rules of "using Legacy Attainments do not provoke Acts of Hubris", wouldn't this just mean that using magic in front of sleepers or if you were enlightened would be the only thing stopped by the Legacy Attainment?

    Is there a more in...
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  • It isn't so much that I am worried about dodging Wisdom degradation, it is more of the long the lines of a more meta understanding of what the limits and bounds of Acts of Hubris are. Our Storyteller doesn't want anything innured, so playing careful with what spells can or cannot do before starting to interact with Hubris seems to have much more weight in our game than it otherwise would....
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  • So would a Death mage commanding a ghost to keep a look out for him while he/she sneaks into a building, would an action in that vein be considered an Act of Hubris?...
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  • Are Command Ghost/Command Spirit type spells always an Act of Hubris? If so/not, why?
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