Things to consider when choosing your vacuum cleaner

Using a vacuum cleaner to keep your home neat and clean

Being a responsible homeowner, we never want dust, dirt, and allergens to be present in our house, especially when we have children. Which is why having a good vacuum cleaner is always a must if you want your house to stay clean and tidy.

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However, the thing with vacuum cleaners is that they come in varied sizes and shapes with different features that might overwhelm first-time buyers.

Hence, in this post, we’ll be guiding you through all the things you need to consider when picking your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you these points carefully to get the right product that suits your preferences.


To start with, you’ll have to make sure that your vacuum cleaner has enough maneuverability to work in your house. That being said, depending on the size of the house as well as the surfaces you’re dealing with, there will be varied options.

For small apartments or condos, having something that’s lightweight and easily maneuverable is vital. But you’ll still need it to be well-provisioned with all the features that you need. Which is why we recommend you to go for stick vacuums that always come with lightweight, good maneuverability, and which are also quite powerful.

Hence, you can easily clean your apartment floor using your stick vacuum without breaking into a sweat. In addition, they can also be switched to handheld mode just by removing the stick. You’ll have versatile hand held vacuum cleaners for your house.

For cleaning varied surfaces, canister vacuums should be perfect as they offer powerful suction and multiple attachments. With the right tools, you can reach all kinds of places that seem impossible for other vacuums, such as the tops and bottoms of furniture, the crevices on your sofa, window tracks, and more. However, keep in mind that your canister vacuum can be quite loud since it requires a powerful motor to enhance the airflow.

For large places with flat surfaces, you’ll find the upright vacuums extremely effective. By having a compact design, users can carry their vacuum around without being bothered by the canister. Plus, upright vacuums also offer powerful suction and a wide head, offering quicker and more effective cleaning. And for some upright models, users are also able to attach an additional hose so that their vacuums can clean like the canister ones.

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Suction power

Depending on the surfaces and areas you want to clean, your vacuum cleaners should have a certain amount of suction power to be able to operate effectively. That being said, most manufacturers always list their motor power on their products so that consumers can decide which one is best for them.

350W – For most households with smooth surfaces and less carpets, your average vacuum cleaner with a measured power of 350W should be enough to do the job, as long as you don’t plan to clean any upholstery with it.

400W – If you’re looking for something that’s more powerful to deal with the dust and pet hair on your carpets, we recommend you go for this one.

450W – And if you want something that’s truly powerful and can be used for multiple jobs, having a vacuum that has at least a 450W motor is a must. Combined with the right attachments, you’ll have a versatile cleaning tool that’s capable of doing multiple cleaning jobs.

Bagged vs bag-less

Another thing with vacuums is that they often come with two different types of dirt storing solutions which are either dirt bags or containers. With bagged vacuums, you’ll have to replace the bag once it gets full. Take the bag out, dump it outside, and replace with a new one. That might sound like a lot of work and expense, but having a bagged vacuum cleaner will help trap allergens inside your vacuum cleaner better than those with a container.

On the other hand, with bag-less vacuums, you won’t have to worry about replacing the bag after your cleaning session. Just put out the dust, clean the container, and you’re done. However, keep in mind that there are chances that you’ll re-disperse some of the harmful allergens to the air once you unload them. Which is why we recommend users to take the vacuum outside before you dump the waste.

Wet and dry vacuums

And if you often have to deal with food spills or wet stains on the floor, having a wet vacuum cleaner can be quite convenient. These vacuums have brushing features on the head to get rid of the stains and a waterproof container to help trap the water inside. However, remember that you’re not going to clean wet stains all the time, so make sure that your vacuum cleaner comes with the suitable heads and features to effectively collect dry dust as well. And another thing, if you don’t have a wet vacuum, never use them on wet spills. The water might leak inside your system and causing electric malfunctions.

The attachments

For most vacuum cleaners, the manufacturers should include in their setup the essential tools for your cleaning jobs. That being said, a new vacuum cleaner should come at least with a crevice tool, dusting tool, extension wand, upholstery brush, and floorhead.


Nowadays, you can get your hands on many inexpensive vacuum cleaners that offer all the features that you would want. And mostly, cheap vacuum cleaners will work within your budget. Still, just keep in mind not to go for the ones with bargain pricing since they’re usually no good.

Finally, it’s also important for you to deal with compromises if you’re going for a budget vacuum. If it works fine, then the bulky sizes might not seem so annoying anymore.

Additional features

Here you’ll find all the additional features that will make your vacuum cleaner a lot more useful:

HEPA filter

For those of you who often suffer from allergies or have small children, it’s important that your vacuum cleaner comes with a HEPA filter on the motor prevent fine dust and allergens to escape. If it doesn’t have it, you can always equip one.

Varied cleaning levels

In addition, your vacuum cleaners should feature varied cleaning levels that are intuitively listed on the power switches. This helps new users to quickly select the right suction level to work on their preferred surfaces. Hence, you can save energy as well as reduce noise.


Speaking of which, noise could be an important factor when it comes to selecting vacuum cleaners. If you don’t want your vacuum to sound too loud, it’s necessary to invest in something with good noise cancellation technology as well as a smooth motor.

Easy to disassemble

A feature that most users might forget when picking their new vacuum cleaner is the ability to disassemble the unit. Remember that you’re sucking dust and dirt into your vacuum every day, so it’s going to become extremely dirty and would require some serious cleaning. Hence, if you can’t perform effective maintenance, there are chances that your vacuum cleaner won’t last very long.

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Final words

To make sure that you get the most out of your products, we always recommend our readers at to check on their products carefully before buying them. It’s important that even if you can’t test the products at the store before you purchase it, if you’re buying online, never make quick decisions just by looking at the products. Instead, spend time reading others’ reviews to get different perspectives.