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  • I'm more of a vampire fan and relatively new to WtA but the impression that I got was that, similar to the kindred's thin blood problem, that Garou were diminishing, not only due to the increasing strength and influence of their opponents but also due to a lack of kinfolk, or a lack of kinfok breeding true to create new kin or garou cubs. Like sometimes you would have the child of two kin or the child of a kin and garou be a human.

    If that were the case I think the idea of spreading their shifter nature far and wide might become a more tempting option despite the risks....
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  • To my mind, if you think about things that sensitive people treat with inherent respect, you'll be thinking of the objects that might have a representation of some kind. So a very old rocking chair moved into a bomb shelter during WWII might only have the faint glimmerings of essence, appearing as an intangible shadow that only the very perceptive or very clever could get the impression of a chair from.

    But a rocking chair of similar age that has been finished and refinished, stained and cleaned, that has been "grandma's chair" for more than six generations and that remains...
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