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  • To me, the big question is: What constitutes surrender? Is it surrender if you're planning to backstab them? Is it surrender if it's just a ceasefire? Is it surrender to die rather than submit, or is it surrender to submit rather than die? Is a surrender about the terms of the deal, or is it about the change in status? Is it surrender if you ultimately come out on top? What are you really giving up?

    The primary Renown for Blood Talons is Glory, and Glory is about being remembered. How do you want to be remembered? As someone who prioritized honor over pack? As someone who cared more...
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  • Errol216
    replied to DE2: Arthurian discussion
    The fact that no one knows who Arthur was shouts Demon Legend to me. It was a circle trying to forge a Hell through a partnership with Merlin... who screwed them when he Ascended. But the reality is that all the possible Arthurs were Arthur. Most of them were Covers, and they all shared the Legend.

    It doesn't really work thematically until you start pulling in the clash of religions/civilizations, so that there's actual room for espionage activity to occur. It's easy to pose the G-M as arriving through missionaries of Christianity, but it's more interesting to frame L'Morte of Arthur...
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