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  • Errol216
    replied to Inter Order Conflict
    Responding to the OP,

    This is something scaled entirely to the needs of your particular chronicle. The setting only requires that you understand that (1) frictions exist, (2) reasons to ignore those frictions also exist. There's exactly as much conflict as is needed by the story you want to tell. If you want to play the Mysterium against the Council, then that friction can be ramped up to bring their opposing ideologies into stark contrast. If you want the Mysterium and the Council to work together, then you can ramp it down and emphasize their similarities. In both cases, you can...
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  • I'm in the same, uh, plight? I just didn't open the email until now. *shrug*
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  • I thought this was a phrase, but Google says it's not: dancing against the darkness.

    Hopepunk is a new thing in that it's a recent reaction to a slightly less recent trend of grimdarkness. But by itself... hopepunk isn't really a thing; it's actually the default. Here, watch this recent thing about Tolkien:

    To unpack that, here are a couple of points:

    1) A lot of the commenters complain that the video doesn't mention Catholicism, but if you read between the lines, this video is a crash course on Christianity. Biblical history descends in a similar...
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