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  • If I found this kind of thing on STV or DTRPG, I'd buy it for the curiosity.

    It's the kind of thing I've thought about taking a run at myself, but never got around to, and at this point of my life, I believe I never will. But I'd buy it and read it and maybe chime in on forums and stuff with opinions.

    I do agree that it's worth taking the shot at streamlining the rules. I'm unconvinced anyone can, which is part of why I'd be intrigued by an attempt. My advice, with a grain of salt, would be to have a vision that's more than just "rules-light CofD;" something...
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  • Errol216
    replied to Mixed Cabals?
    The reason this is implausible is because the fundamental, founding belief of the Pentacle is "Seers are bad," in so many words. That's the entire point of the Council and the Diamond allied. As Tessie implies, this is like asking whether or not there were any mixed British/German squads during World War 1. Even presuming you're great buddies, why would a British soldier take orders from a German officer?

    What story do you want to tell that needs this?

    Because there are reasons not to have pure Pentacle cabals or pure Seer pylons in a given story. Most easily,...
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