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  • I am aware of Rule 0 and that I can alter the setting however I want (and I intend to do so, as noted above with the Idran). With this post I want to understand the writer's intent, how the text meshes or conflicts with previous writing, and most of all work out an failings in my interpretation of the text....
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  • Head Spinning after Reading Tal'Mahe'Ra Book, Please Help

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but I just finished reading the V20 TMR book for the first time and I have questions, so many questions. Possible spoilers ahead.

    First off, I knew of the, let's say, mixed reputation of the original TMR book so I never read it. I didn't start playing WoD games until the early 2000s (thanks to Bloodlines) when it was "dead," so I'm not a veteran and most of my knowledge of the setting comes from reading the wikis and the occasional PDF from an older edition that I could scrounge up, so I apologize if some of these questions are ignorant....
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