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  • Valles
    replied to Inspiration for Liminals
    The story that jumped immediately into my mind when I read the initial presentation of Liminals was Fate Testarossa, from the Nanoha franchise, and, by implication, any and every cloning story brought to you by fiction - a mother driven mad by grief, fighting to raise her beloved child and then rejecting the result that is not, cannot be the same person but is in every sense still a daughter...

    Even now, profoundly turned off from the splat by their literally-nauseating aesthetics, I think that that's a very compelling plotline to draw on.
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  • Valles
    replied to Bigger is Better (SFW)

    Active and previously active characters in my stable...

    Copper Rashi - wields a greatsword/grand daiklave scaled for a warstrider, twenty feet of blade and five feet of hilt.
    Precious - has a light daiklave that's basically an ordinary arming sword made out of MM. (Well, OK, it's Caliburn from FSN.)
    Venshae - a pair of magic bracers that gave her Assassin's Creed tricks like the hidden blade.
    Adiva - magical prosthetics made of solid orichalcum. Plus brawl charms. Probably the most dangerous of the lot in most contexts.
    Bounteous Joy - conventional...
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  • Honestly?

    I've always just figured that 'The Scarlet Empress' was her regnal name, but that her real one wasn't secret so much as obscure - known by and of interest to only historians studying the Shogunate and early-Realm periods, since her reign predated all but a literal handful of her subjects' lives.
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