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  • mikerand
    started a topic 10 Princes from Damnation City

    10 Princes from Damnation City

    Pretty interesting. Does anyone else have any unique or unusual princes for their cities?
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  • Hi Lex and Caladriu, thanks for the input.

    My thought was that originally the city (let's call it "Providence") was traditionally controlled by both the Invictus and the Lancea Sanctum that had a "normal" city in that regard. The Circle of the Crone and the Carthians just received scraps from the table. And the Ordo Dracul had almost no political influence.

    However the Ordo Dracul created Blood Prometheans, around 10 - 15 of them. This gave them the military advantage they needed to take control. The Invictus and Lancea Sanctum were crushed or driven...
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  • mikerand
    started a topic City Concept - ruled by Ordo Dracul

    City Concept - ruled by Ordo Dracul

    Just wanted some thoughts about this. I was thinking of having an Ordo Dracul prince and several of them occupying key positions. I was thinking the Geheim (Ancient Bloodlines) because they have access to Blut Alchemie and some of the characters are Prometheans in this crossover. I was thinking the Sheriff could be an Azerkatil or Moroi.

    I looked in Damnation City for an Ordo Dracul prince who just turns out to be a charlatan. I was thinking of a cold, calculating prince who prizes knowledge, occult and otherwise, among all things. Other vampires could be alchemists, pseudo-scientists,...
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