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  • mikerand
    started a topic 2E Lancea et Sanctum Stuff...

    2E Lancea et Sanctum Stuff...

    I will ask the ST about Blasphemies and Sacraments - but with just the existing Theban Sorcery rituals, what are some creative ways that you have seen or think they could work?

    I like the idea of the Temple of Damnation merit. Besides the reduction of frenzy, does anyone have some unique ideas on what else it could do?

    Thank You!...
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  • We're focusing on the other splats, but even just the supernatural mortal power of Pyrokinesis would unbalance the game for beginning vampires. I realize in One Thousand Years of Night there is an elder devotion that does something similar - but a Vampire that can throw fire around provoking frenzy and cause aggravated damage? And per RAW just a beginning vampire can do this? Idk... Either completely unhinge the game if allowed or the existing vampires would take out a neonate doing this (or the Ordo Dracul would capture them and start experimenting...)

    I have never had a ST that...
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