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  • Lundgren
    replied to Game Etiquette
    If you should quit or keep trying is only up to you. However, if the GM gets angry and says something isn't a point of a game, then I wouldn't put much hope into bridging any differences in play style (or improvement in how to handle a game, if it's just a matter of skill in GM'ing).

    For me, horror and comedy are the hardest genres to run, as they tend to require a slow buildup of a feeling. Of not everyone is on board of aiming for that feeling, it tend to easily crumble.

    Then, it also sounds like the GM had a specific chain of events he had in mind, which might have...
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  • Lundgren
    replied to Ideal Number of Players
    Well... First why my answer is as it is.

    One-on-one gaming: I can give full attention on the player, no problem if things takes a 90 degree turn, and time jumps can be used whenever the character is doing a longer project and nothing happens. However, there is no option of dynamic between player characters.

    Two players: Works for a focused game and can work well for that. However, it has the drawbacks of the one-on-one game and the drawbacks of larger games. Because now, one character might end up doing a focused task while the other are doing something suitable for downtime....
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