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  • Short answer is "sort of". You've still got to go with the core idea of frenzy, but you can execute it in a way that protects Johnny.

    Remember that there are three kinds of frenzy: hunger, anger, and fear.

    Now, you're in hunger frenzy, and Johnny's a tasty looking sort, but you're not all alone in the wilderness with him - you can ride the wave to redirect that hunger frenzy to someone else! If he's the only thing for miles and miles around though, you're probably pretty screwed - you need to avoid frenzy there, not ride the wave.

    If you're in anger...
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  • Questions re: Ordo Dracul Merits in Secrets of the Covenants, and Ordo Lore in 2e. Ideally for a Dev/Freelancer since these are somewhat "canon" questions.

    * Rites of the Impaled has Sworn as a Prerequisite, but the Impaled in 1e were not a subset of the Sworn. Can you confirm that this has officially changed in the 2e Ordo? The Impaled were a seperate 'sub-faction' that ostensibly included non-Sworn in 1e.

    * Twilight Judge does not have Sworn as a Prerequisite, but in 1e all Twilight Judges were members of the Sworn of the Dying Light. Can you confirm this...
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  • Many/most of the stories explored in the clan books are life segments, intentionally 'incomplete'. They aim to give a 'slice of unlife' and tantalize us with wanting to know more without neatly summarizing the characters and motives involved. For example, Felix is a character in both the Gangrel and Daeva clan books, with a fair deal of text allotted to him, and we get information on him from several viewpoints, but we never get an unbiased, expositional-style narrative of who he is, or what his motivations are. The same is true of Frances Black and some of the other clanbook-centric PCs. On the...
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