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  • It is the most apparent and easiest way to play it, especially given how on-the-nose Second Edition was with its preaching.
    We can see the gameline as a whole really distancing itself from that stance for a different look at how Garou could and maybe shoiuld be played in Revised, especially in the Tribebooks, with their many moments of "Wait the Garou DO WHAT?"

    Nevertheless a well-conducted exploration of what playing a rage-fueled zealous monster means should not mean that you can't identify the clearly bad, well worse, guys. Black Spiral Dancers will rape, kill and...
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  • What's up with Fomarchs? (and with Book of the Wyrm 20's editing)

    The Fomarchs are stated in their description to all be passable as humans. Indeed, the text says that having the ability to conceal their appearance is indispensable to be considered a Fomarch. Like a super-Ferectoi.
    What are the three given Fomarh examples? A floating psychic jellyfish, a mutant psychic narwhal and a man/bat monstrosity who shrieks and spits acid. No reference to the ability to shapeshift is given.
    It's almost like they used two different authors to cover the same three-page material.
    Aside from that, the book is full, and I mean, full with incomplete sentences,...
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