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  • Vidyaraja
    started a topic Interested in buying an Ex3 Storyteller's Screen

    Interested in buying an Ex3 Storyteller's Screen

    Really, the title says it all.

    I was not able to get one from the campaign due to, well, being a dumbass and not double checking my pledge to make sure everything was OK.
    I'm keeping an eye on the Monday Meeting notes to see if/whyen any extra will be up for sale (I remember W20 screens being sold that way), meanwhile does anyone have any spare?...
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  • To add something to the Fury discussion: the Furies are in part about fighting the Patriarchy, in part about empowering women, in part about protecting the helpless and vindicating the oppressed and in part about a lot of other things, but that was never the whole of the Tribe.
    It could be clearer in the Core (go read the Revised Tribebook, it's awesome), but Furies are a mystical cult tied to living femininity as an aspect of Gaia. Living, not venerating. They don't need to accept males because they can understand women or because they speak up about women, they need to accept women who...
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  • Generation and Diablerie: differences between in-game Generation and mechanics

    As we know it, Generation is a measure of how many, well, generations you are removed by Caine's blood. If [Ventrue], a Third Generation, Embraces a childe (Bob) that vampire will belong to the Fourth Generation. Eventually Bob's childer will be of the Fifth Generation.
    Simple enough, right?
    However I ever found in-setting how this is reconciled with Diablerie. The practice has the effect of lowering a vampire's Generation mechanically by one - however it won't rewrite history to bring them genealogically closer to Caine, right? If the aforementioned Bob gets diablerised by his childe,...
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