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  • That's not RAW, tho. RAW the condition text does not differentiate between night or day and keeps stacking up for as long as you have the condition even at night.

    Tho, I'm happy to go with that as RAI and just keep playing as I always was....
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  • Griautis
    started a topic Is Lethargic Condition too crippling?

    Is Lethargic Condition too crippling?

    So, I just reread the condition and realized that I always played it wrong and not as it is RAW.

    By RAW, the penalty keeps stacking when you're awake, and every 6 hours you make a roll to fall asleep until the next sunset.
    You only resolve this after a full day's sleep.

    So if you stay awake to run some errands, and later you fall asleep, you awake next sunset, still with this condition. Which is all good, being tired the next night seems very appropriate.

    However, condition text doesn't differentiate between night or day, so on hour 6 of the next...
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  • His big dark secret _according_ to the book is the fact that he's faking his faith to Lancea et Sanctum. Definitely suggest making up something bigger behind it, to bothexplain why he doesn't believe AND be horrific.

    Is he secretl'y Belial's brood? or VII?...
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