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  • I've got a question about exceptional successes on a spellcasting roll.

    One of the options the caster can select is "all Mana spent on the spell is refunded..." Does this include any Mana that was spent to mitigate the Paradox pool, or because that's a separate roll, is it not included?
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  • ForgeEternal
    started a topic Hidden High Speech Qestion

    Hidden High Speech Qestion

    The new Merit Hidden High Speech from Signs of Sorcery allows the mage to use High Speech as a Yantra in front of Sleepers without making the spell obvious to them. Awesome. Except in order to use it verbally, you need to spend a point of Willpower.

    So I can either spent 1 Willpower to use High Speech as a Yantra (+2 die bonus) or just straight spend 1 Willpower to get a three-die bonus to the roll (and still be able to use a different Yantra if available)? Or can I spend two Willpower on the roll now to get a total bonus of 5 dice to the spell?
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