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  • Thanks, so basically on the long term technological development alone would turn every single soldier into a mini-nova, so maybe not in 2028 but imagine maybe 20-30 years in the future, before the aberrant war, what do armies look like at that point? Are countries defended by soldiers controlling armies of drones with the firepower of an attack helicopter armed to the teeth while other soldiers invade countries in power armors that people believed were only possible in anime cartoons? I'm not looking for a specific answer, just curious about how all of you picture it in your head.
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  • Another option to the speedster is too powerful problem is this: He has to consciously activate his state of superspeed. Here's my reasoning, speedsters would go insane if they were constantly in super speed mode, they would be trapped in a slow hell forever waiting for everyone else. So they have two modes of existence, one regular with all the limitations of a normal person and a state of superspeed. The key here is that in the normal state his mind and perception works at the same speed as everyone else, they can only think and react in nanoseconds once they are in superspeed mode. Sure, once...
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  • Firanai
    started a topic The new armies of the aberrant world

    The new armies of the aberrant world

    Greetings fellow players,

    I just finished reading the aberrant manuscript, I just love how novas, unlike their counterparts in other comicbook universes, do have a real impact in the world and one I'm particularly interested in is in this: How would traditional military forces, and war, evolve to deal with a world full of superpeople?

    The obvious answer, like the book says, is that you fight fire with fire, you either train or hire nova soldiers, but what about the rest of the army?

    It's not that I think that traditional armies would become obsolete, novas...
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  • This, this a million times. Look, I enjoy comics as much as anybody and I can (sort of) understand why in both the marvel and dc universes people with superpowers have NO REAL impact in their wold. The world is supposed to be relatable and if they start changing it then it stops being relatable, but dear god does it annoy me to no end, and if you really think about it it makes superpeople completely inconsequential. Aberrant follows the steps of other roleplaying games like wild talents and the kerberos club in that people with superpowers DO change the world, and best of all it does it in a way...
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