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  • Firanai
    replied to Thinking about M5
    What I would like to see is like someone commented before a split in the technocracy and the traditions, with that split creating a new organization formed by the sons of the ether, the virtual adepts, nuavalon, the void engineers, and maybe someone else. They would act as a counterpoint to the technocracy, while the technocracy becomes a literal Illuminati like conspiracy obsessed with absolute control no matte r what. The traditions would absorb some of the disparate alliance organizations and become sort of guardians of the mythical and mystical, not with the intention of bringing a new dark...
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  • The SCP foundation and the Federal Bureau of Control from the Control videogame is exactly how I imagine what I call the technocratic "black vaults", you could even make them branches from the new world order. They are places or departments where the Union puts all the anomalies they wish to study and/or contain....
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  • Technocracy infiltration in public institutions

    Hello everyone,

    That the technocracy has a lot of influence in the government is something we all know. The thing is I'm curious about how to reflect this: Just how far does this influence reach? What is the level of infiltration? What form does this influence take (direct orders, bribery, blackmail, all of them, etc...) Are the higher ups of the government aware of it? Does the technocracy have agents directly working inside public institutions? If so, does the technocracy have enlightened agents infiltrated or do they leave that to just regular and extraordinary agents? I'm not...
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  • Here's my personal take on the issue: if the technocracy is sort of the FBI/CIA then vampires are the mafia/organized crime and TEs are terrorists/guerrilla fighters. It's much easier and practical to make deals or at least reach an understanding with criminals (don't cause too much trouble and I will leave you alone, also if you do me the occasional favor I will do the same for you). The main issue with organized crime is that it's, well... organized, and also exists within public and private organizations, from a cost/price in resources point of view a direct conflict is not worth the effort....
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