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  • I created my version of the trascendence alliance for the nova era based on this premise. You can read all about it in this same forum.

    Also, I wanted to thank you all for your answers. They have given me a lot to think about.

    However, it was never my intention to make Luthor such an integral part of the argument. He's villain trying to hide the real reason he does things: a wounded ego. Let's not give him more time and let me get straight to the question I really wanted to ask.

    Where do you put the limit with how much you help? Should there be a limit?...
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  • I agree with you that it's bit weird, but as a general rule I tell my players not to worry about wealth when it comes to things. The reason is because as far as I'm concerned the organizations are the ones responsible for providing the players with whathever resources (Equipment, weapons, vehicles, etc...) they may need, within reason of course. In our game we tend to use wealth more as a "social" asset (Bribes, donations, influence, etc...). That said I'm really curious to see what the others have to say since I can undertand how a player may want more independence and have ownership...
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