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  • Theodotus, the Noon Witch

    A magician who harasses the opponent from afar with sorcery, he can adjust his playstyles easily between pure zoning, rushdown, or mid-space control. A character who can easily snowball into victory but will lose a lot of his momentum if forced into the defense position due to his lack of good reversal and get-off-me options.

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  • Jen
    started a topic Violent solves EVERYTHING: Your character's Movelist

    Violent solves EVERYTHING: Your character's Movelist

    So choosing charms for me is super easy, just pick what looks cool! But actually making a distinctive fighting style and tactic is not so easy, so I thought about making them into fighting game's characters first, visualizing a combo string is much easier than some paragraph stunt essay. You guys can join in if think it's interesting, reading about other people's special moves would be quite fun ~( ^o^)~

    I'm thinking that each character will have a Unique trait that modifies their normal mechanic which amplifies with their playstyle, something like wall-jump,...
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