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  • To clarify, One of the 3 werewolf was not a packmate. That werewolf was a little more stronger and add more experience than the other 2. He was an NPC enemy, under influence of a mystic power that affected him so badly that he exploded in rage. He had a score of primal Urge 2. He entered Deathrage. The other 2 where packmates wit the wolf blooded, but not with the humans, and where trying to protect themselves, but also trying to protect the wolf blooded, that was trying to protect everyone, including the humans. Those 2 werewolves turned in Gauru, but did not enter death rage. Really a...
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  • Warriorshaman
    started a topic Lunacy question on mortals

    Lunacy question on mortals

    I know how the Lunacy is supposed to be applied, however, I think I may have missed some stuff.

    Last game, shit hit the fan. In the end, 3 Raging Werewolves ended up kicking each other asses. Well, it was a 2 vs 1 actually. However, all 4 of them where in gauru. The sad part, and interesting part also, was the fact that at start of the fight, there was also 3 normal human, and one wolf blooded. All of them manage to get away. However, when its time for me to make the lunacy roll, how do I calculate the penalty ?

    Normaly, penalty to that roll is calculated based...
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  • Warriorshaman
    started a topic Gauru Form Question

    Gauru Form Question

    The question is this: In gauru form, under the section Primal Fears: In normal combat, prey count only their wits or dexterity to their defense... etc. They may not add their appropriate skills (normaly athletic) to it.

    Is thei a feature only affecting lessercreatures, or everyone ?

    It is written under the section: Primal fear... wich may imply that it is under the supernatural fear only, that it does apply.
    However, under that same section, it is written that it is under normal combat, wich imply it is not down and dirty combat.

    Wich is fine, but...
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