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  • I just re-checked and it does in fact say that it is a perception check. I do not know where did I took that "Perception-related rolls". Maybe my friend spoke that to me.
    Maybe its about the description under the effect section saying that your character is able to find the important details when trying to find something. Or maybee its about the other part saying that it is when you do an perception check... "usually a wits + composure roll", in wich part I myself, or the player where thinking that a roll of wits + investigation would involve perception and catching...
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  • Warriorshaman
    started a topic Merit Trained Observer Question

    Merit Trained Observer Question

    A player of mine was asking me about the merit trained observer. The description is that it gives 8 again on all perception- related rolls.
    What does that mean exactly ?
    I know that perception is perception, but perception related rolls might cover a little more broader concept.
    Ex: Investigation to search a room... is that considered to perception related ?
    I would assume it does. What is your view on this ?
    Is there an official answer to this ?
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    Last edited by Warriorshaman; 12-24-2020, 11:19 PM.
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