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  • Phoenix
    Peripheral Sight | Armor: Prime | Active Spell(s): Kinetic Blow (self, Potency 4, 1 scene)
    Health: OOOOOOO | WP: 1/5 | Mana: 9/10 | Wisdom: 7 (Understanding)
    Conditions: Grieving [Guilty] | Tilts: None | -1 Dexterity (untill 11 AM)

    I don't know the mama ghost's Defense, so I'm going to make the roll unpenalized and you can remove dice from there.

    Strength 3 + Brawl 4 + 1 Striking Specialty + 3 WP = 11 dice → 1 success

    ​What the fuck?! Welp, here's hoping the ghost's Defense ain't 7 or higher. If it hits, that's 5 bashing damage
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  • Would Prime Armor protect against the ghost's phyiscal attacks? On one hand, one could argue that the ghost's claws are material phenomena and therefore Prime Armor wouldn't protect against it, just like it wouldn't protect against a werewolf's claws like the description says. On the other, one could argue that the ghost can only make a physical attack in the first place is through Materializing itself, which is a supernatural power, whereas a werewolf's claws derive from their inheretly physical nails, the supernatural power merely lengthening and sharpening them.

    ​I don't know,...
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