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  • Masa
    replied to Pierce Deception and Mind Magic
    Good point but, can detect when someone tells a lie because he thinks it's true?. Hell, he was sure it was the true!. In fact he is not lying, he just tells what he remembers even if it's nopt the "Thruth"....
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  • Masa
    started a topic Pierce Deception and Mind Magic

    Pierce Deception and Mind Magic

    Hi wise ones. Would a testimony based on an false memory created by a Mind spell trigger Pierce Deception?.
    In example, I modify a witness memory to change the face of the guy who spoke with him 2 days ago. Later, that witness identifies the guy following his false memory. Would his statement trigger a nearby Pierce Deception?.
    It's easy to understand that lies are detected by the spell, but honest comunications based in false facts are much more shadowy.
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  • Hi wise ones.
    I was wondering about how to manage a Veiling Life spell to render a living veign "hidden" or undetectable, like Hidden Hoard (Matter oo). But I have some questions on this regard:
    Would only affect a naked person?, if the person has clothes, would the spell fail?, what happens if the subject grabs an object or moves?

    I would rule the spell provides full ocultation for a naked subject. If the subject wear clothes or grabs an item, the spell will begin to fade and the onlookers will detect the subject's presence, but they won't be able to tell who...
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