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  • Uknown DarkLord
    replied to Ask a question, get an answer
    More 2.5 question than 3E; but it probably holds true for both editions.

    The Immaculate Order holds the Unconquered Sun as Sun God, and king of Gods. But that's just it, right? He has his own, probably frequent, spot in the calendar of worship. But the only things the Immaculate Order teaches to emulate are the Dragonblooded/"the elemental dragons"?

    Or is there more to it?
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  • Uknown DarkLord
    replied to Your Headcanon
    Headcanon - The Realm Ambassador to White Wall is also the head of the Immaculate Order in Whitewall. None of the dynasts know how someone is selected as all the positioning and politicking can be for naught.

    In reality, the delegate is someone hand picked by the Bronze Faction; A Dragonblooded deemed trustworthy enough to know about Sidereals and enough actual history that they can maintain and perhaps expand upon the toehold they have in Whitewall. While there have been a few delegates who try to overruse this knowledge, most know when it is politically expedient to know when to...
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  • Uknown DarkLord
    started a topic Late 9th White Elephant Gift for Epitome

    Late 9th White Elephant Gift for Epitome

    I'm nearly 2 months late Epitome, my apologies.

    I caught the flu, which turned into bronchitis. Dealt with some court stuff, hit a deer. It's... been crazy.

    So I'm late. But here is my White Elephant gift to you. Again, my apologies.

    Boots of Sea Striding (jade and moonsilver artifact 2)

    In the struggle against the primordials you never know when the vessel you were on began to sink. Using strands of moonsilver and the heart of a water elemental, these boots allow users to walk on water as if it was solid ground. They cost 2 motes to attune....
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