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  • There's still a core mechanical item that needs to be resolved: Taint.

    It's a quick/easy route to power that comes with insanity. You're still going to have powerful, insane Novas regardless of the Aeon Society or Divis Mal and likely that conflict will still spiral out of control....
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  • It's an interesting "What if" question.

    If I understand the direction that the upcoming Continuum direction, there may be multiple timelines at play? So this is just my opinion based on the previous iteration of the Trinity timeline.

    The first problem is knowing that the war is coming. If the characters don't see it coming, it will be hard for the players to prevent. However, there's lots of tools that you can use for this. Novas are very smart and might be able to predict what's coming a la Ozymandias from Watchmen. It's also possible that one of them...
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