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  • It's worth distinguishing between normal muscular strength and supernatural strength.

    Muscular strength is this. It's someone's unmodified Strength score. The higher it is, the buffer they (often) look. Someone with Strength 1 is can be a 98-pound weakling and something with Strength 5 can have the rippling physique of an Olympic weightlifter. When a vampire is Embraced their body gets frozen in its existing biological state: they don't age, shaved hair grows back, and the most grievous of wounds can instantly be erased by spending blood points. By that some token, though, a vampire...
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  • These guys were the first to jump to mind for me. Hrothulf and Gracis aren't too far behind.

    There's also Stalest Coursain in Vancouver (7th gen, Embraced 552 BCE) and Khentik-Kert in The Ashen Knight (7th gen, Embraced 1380 BCE). There's also a smattering of 10th-generation characters Embraced in the Middle Ages who've survived to the present day.

    So they exist, but "natural selection" clearly kills off most higher-generation vampires over the millennia. Others give in to the temptation to commit diablerie. But there's a few who don't and manage to survive....
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