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  • For anyone who's still looking for a game and willing to try something off-site a good friend of mine just opened up applications for a new Mage 2E PbP. Here's his pitch:

    An old woman sits at a table, worn hands rubbing nervously at knotted wood while sightless eyes gaze into the unknowable.
    Her eyes move back and forth, as if scanning words, a story of correlation and causation being laid out for her alone.
    After a tense moment she calls for someone in another room, and she is helped away from the small scene you can see. As she is being led away you can hear the fear...
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  • Rayn Faustus
    replied to Blessed Itens/Weapons
    The closest corollary in second edition might be the Consecrate Weapon merit presented in Hurt Locker. It permits a mortal occultist to temporarily enspell any weapon such that it may strike ephemeral entities.
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