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  • Mithras always was quite explicitly the childe of the Ventrue antediluvian. How explicitly?

    That explicitly.

    Which highlights one of the problems with the game background of Vampire: the Masquerade, which is that it was never properly curated, which creates all kinds of issues for any reader who wants consistency......
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  • The writing of New York by Night came at a certain point in the publication history of Vampire: the Masquerade in which the notion of place was discarded. In the earlier books in the line there was a strong notion that travel between cities was dangerous, and that the Kindred population of a particular location was tied to that place. In part this was a literary device, to write about place through people, in a sense, a form of prosopography. So, the characters in, say, Chicago by Night are designed to reflect the history of the city. Tyler's line, for instance, is a chronological run through...
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