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  • Pretty much this. One of the notable points of the "Indian clan" approach is that it seems all about obscuring the problems of the original Ravnos, without actually addressing them. This version of the clan swerves away from one set of racial stereotypes, by supplanting them with a different set of racial stereotypes. The collection of jati were thrown into the clan so writers could spend time talking about competing factions, without addressing the question of whether a collection of factions were required (factions without a specific purpose are always a sign that the writers don't...
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  • Historic Vampire settings have an interesting problem. With Vampire: the Masquerade, all action takes place at night, and readers and players are expected to work out for themselves how the undead interact with humanity. And it works because, of course, people know what happens at night in the contemporary world.

    When you have historic settings, the books contain the same assumptions about players resolving matters in their own heads, yet this doesn't work so well, because most people don't have a clear idea of the character of the night in the medieval period, or the Victorian period,...
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  • James_Willoughby
    started a topic A Guide to the Night

    A Guide to the Night

    From Eventide to Cock’s Crow
    For the people of the medieval world, night is a terrifying experience. As the sun draws close to the horizon, men and women retreat to their homes, barring doors and windows against the threats which emerge during the hours of darkness. Many dangers may lurk within the night, concealed in darkness, from wolves and roaming bandits, to the malevolent servants of the Devil. It is unsurprising, then, that many choose to hide from the night, retreating to a place of safety until the arrival of mornings.
    The Mysteries of the Night
    A Guide to the Night is a sourcebook...
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