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  • baileyborough
    started a topic Masks


    Hey ho.

    Super excited about the 2e kickstarter that's underway, and browsing the draft got me thinking.

    Do changelings' masks resemble who they were before?

    Reason I ask, is if I was snatched, and replaced with a fetch, when I got back as a Changeling, are there now 2 versions of me rambling around the place, as far as Joe Shmoe is concerned?
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  • baileyborough
    started a topic 2e Game Lines

    2e Game Lines

    This is a really quick question:

    I'm a massive fan of the 2e overhauls all of the CofD lines are getting. But two that I'm really unsure of is Demon and Beast. Are these books (as they stand now) Chronicles of Darkness compatible (in the 2e way that the rest are)? Or if a hypothetical person was a completionist lunatic, would you suggest they hold fire for a bit and concentrate on the other lines that have come out instead etc.?

    I hope that makes sense.
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