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  • There long periods in a year when the sun sets as early as 16:00 or 17:00 PM. This leaves plenty of room for a Vampire to either attend the board meetings (the Ghoul nominates the Vampire as his representative in a parody of the actual relation) or to meet the businessmen in other ways to influence them. Likewise for other possible situations....
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  • Right to exist? Huh. Even if Vampires wouldn't have this right, they can claim it at any time due to their temporal, social, and mystical power. If only mortals would know that Vampires are pulling the strings, they should be glad that such beings as Vampires lord over them.

    Also - if drinking blood of mortals or commanding them are such problems, then maybe Mages who think so should first sort out all the ills, tragedies, and inequalities that humanity inflicts on themselves.
    I also would like to note that the first Cult of Ecstasy book has it written that the Toreador Vampires...
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