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  • Pale_Crusader
    replied to Spirit Familiar Help
    Three Bear Familiars

    Papa Bear (Wise Stalwart Guardian Spirit)
    Fafa Rih-hirimasu

    It looks like a quadrupedal Kodiak bear that somehow has been put into a billowy flannel shirt tucked into baggy trousers, with red suspenders. A pair of round spectacles are perched in preternatural balance on its snout even though they have no ear pieces holding them upright or in place. The massive bear still has its mighty clawed paws and the four-legged ursine posture even though its dressed a bit like a lumberjack with glasses.
    Rank: 2
    Attributes: Power 5, Finesse 3, Resistance...
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  • Based on what I've read about organ and tissue transplant, those organs that are viable for transplant are the subject of Life, not Matter. The same is true of many (but not all) tissues. "You" (ie the organism as a whole) may be dead but the cells of the organ (and tissues which are defined cells rather than a cell-less structure of collagen, calcium or other material used as to make lattices outside of cells) being transplanted are alive. If the cells are also dead they don't suddenly come alive in the recipient).

    Now don't get me wrong, there is science being done about...
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  • I have enjoyed running both Changeling and Hunter chronicles structured as the bisected childhood/adult stories like in Stephen King's It. It worked alright for Werewolf and Mage, but came off a little contrived. For Changeling and Hunter not only did it seem not only plausible but likely and it added wonderful je ne sais quoi which gave the chronicles more weight, strong of character arches, introducing themes which resonated with me and my players.

    I am a HUGE fan of the Innocents book and have made Conditions to approximately translate the mechanics of being a child into 2nd Edition....
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  • GibberingEloquence wonderful job! Hope you don't mind that I took what you did and made this:

    Hedge Topiaries
    While the Hedge provide opportunities for miraculous craftmanship, it also is an environment which is often verdantly lush and can be cultivated as a source of Glamour. Using Hedgespinning and cultivation to alter the plants of the Hedge can result in hedge plants shaped like animals, people or fantastical beasts which grow Goblin Fruit which it may use as a supernatural fuel source to animate and obey their cultivator. Hedge Topiaries possess different strengths and...
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  • [2E Environmental Tilt] Glamour Barren (Hedge-based)


    Glamour Barren
    Environmental (Hedge locations only)
    Description: This particular area of the Hedge has be depleted of the supernatural energy needed for Goblin Fruits, or Hedge plants to grow.
    Effect: Goblin Fruits will not grow in this area, nor will the plants which bear them sprout. Hedgespinning, cultivation and Contracts cannot cause plant sprouting, growth, rejuvenation, blooming, fruiting or ripening withing an area with this Condition. Effects including Hedgespinning and Contracts can still cause wilting, withering, rot of plants in the area, and for that purpose achieving
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  • That sounds like an exceedingly Hubristic quote from an Arcanthus whom if they really meant it more than a pithy quip and actually sincerely followed that philosophy to its logical conclusion would end up without any Wisdom at all.

    In Subjective time you still experience all of your moral failings. Also paying the piper for this type moral of hubris (The "All evil is permissible in the name of undoing said evil/mistake with time travel" hubris) in time travel is practically a trope. Cite: Time Lapse

    Could be seen as an Time Arcanum artifact running in a Sanctum...
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  • Create Jedak Nest Devotion [2E] (Obfuscate + Animalism + Ordo Dracul Scales Combo)

    Create Jedak Nest Devotion
    Obfuscate •, Animalism ••, Coil of Wyrm: Surgical Heart Removal Scale, Coil of Zirnitra: Graft the Unholy Flesh Scale

    Only Kindred whom have their hearts still in place are valid targets for this Devotion. The target of this Devotion has the mechanical effects and has a Jedak mystically sympathetically linked to their soul (If Diablerized the one devouring them gain the Bonded Condition with that particular Jedak). Enacting this Devotion upon a Kindred

    This exceedingly ambitious Devotion applies techniques learned about transferring senses...
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  • Jedak Nest Heart ●●●
    This pewter jewelry box. The designs upon particular versions of this cursed pewter jewelry box vary, but always have a locking device or latch for one and the inlay includes thorny or barbed plants and Celtic Knots, labyrinthine swirls, or maze motifs, and is lined with cloth. It has what appears to be Pewter figurine of a Pixie perched on top of the lid.
    Appearance of Box

    Equipment Bonus: 0 Size: 2 Durability: 0(1) Availability: 5 (rare, to find on purpose would take a rich collector's resources, but to be found by the unfortunate its likely free,...
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  • Pale_Crusader
    replied to The Horror Show
    I saw an amazing movie called Appartment 212 and the creature of that feature inspired these stats:


    This diminutive horror appears as an adorable pewter pixie figurine siting at relaxed rest perched atop an inlaid pewter jewelry box. In pewter form they are quite adorable perched lounging in a disarming posture with it eyes closed. Often it will hold its hand out in a position where it can be used to hold a flower stem, or some other endearing pose, which individual Jedak keep exceptionally consistent.

    Jedak in pewter form

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