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  • Rahod
    replied to Random Exalted Question.
    So what your saying is that morning in the west is long than morning in the east but the time on the clock so to say is always the same? The term High noon (sun over head and no long shadow) would happen at different time frames based on where you at in creation?...
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  • Rahod
    started a topic Random Exalted Question.

    Random Exalted Question.

    Ok just a wyld thought....

    How big is creation? what I can measure it is 16,842 miles from east to west. The earth is 7,917 around. So this leads to my next question. If the earth has 24 different time zones and is round, and Creation is a flat world would it have something like time zones and if so how many and what would the lines be? From what I can figure is that the position of the sun would be different depending on where you are. If the sun travels across creations in 24 hours then the noonday sun would be sooner in the east than west right? This came up after a long discussion...
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  • Nilihum
    Nilihum posted a Visitor Message for Rahod
    Not sure if you're on the Exalted General Discord run by Madletter (link is but the guy who made Loom is Andrew Hows (andrewhows#0851). He might get back to you if you if you get in touch, but bear in mind that he hasn't posted since April.

    I wish I knew of another way to get in touch with him, but good luck.
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  • So I like the Loom Digital Character Sheet but I don't know about anyone else but I can't seem to figure out how to use it. Is there someone working on it and how do we contact them?...
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  • Rahod
    replied to Exalted 3 initiative tracker v0.1.0
    I love your tracker but had a question is there a way to add your own columns for tracking things like motes and health?...
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