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  • Rahod
    started a topic Combat question

    Combat question

    So tell me if this works? One PC is attacked at close range by three NPC's. In the first round, the PC crashes NPC 1 gaining base 5 int + 5 crash bonus. Round two PC is now at 15 because the NPCs can't seem to land a hit, now the PC changes the target to NPC 2 and crash them for another 10 int which includes the bonus. now on the third round, the PC has 25 int which can be used in a decisive attack on NPC 3. So this leaves NPC 1 crashed NPC 2 crashed and NPC 3 with a 25 point decisive attack coming at them. So my question I guess is can you crash an NPC take the initiative and use it on someone...
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  • Rahod
    started a topic DB Character Sheet 3rd ed

    DB Character Sheet 3rd ed

    So has anyone been working on their own Dragonblooded Character sheet for 3rd edition?
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  • Rahod
    started a topic DragonBlooded Question

    DragonBlooded Question

    So reading over the new stuff. I see there are parts about the Dragonblooded using Numina and another being part demon. So my question is what combinations of Dragonblooded are there because I thought only the Dragonblooded exaltation can take hold on someone who is only normal mortal. Not someone who is crafted raced, beastman, or blooded (god, demon, ghost or fae)? If so where can I find this information in previous editions?...
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