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  • Kalle
    replied to Weapon and Armor tags
    I'm a bit confused on the Epic Strength front.
    So if I have a player character with a par of relic iron gloves, that grants her Epic Strength, she can lift a car (Innate Power: +1 Scale for lifting, breaking or carrying large objects, but not punching normal sized people).

    If she picks up a car, Scale 1, would she get the +2 enhancement to close combat if she swiped someone with it (and the option to deal an additional "Inflict Damage" stunt, Scion: origin p. 122)?
    But she wouldn't get the enhancement if she just slapped the same guy with her glowed hand. ...
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  • Kalle
    replied to Weapon and Armor tags
    Now that weapon tags dosn't stack, most relevant for the Ranged and Firearms tags.
    But what about the enhancements from Scale. Is Scale on a weapon a Tag or its own thing?

    Example: a Scion picks up a car and uses it as an improvised weapon, the car is a Scale 1 improvised weapon adding +2 enhancements.
    Or an Ant-tank rocket, with Scale 3, adding +6 enhancements for Scale, AND +1 from firearms and +1 from Ranged (that dosn't stack). Would that be +6 or +7 enhancement?
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