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  • szp
    started a topic Wisdom's-Pearl, the Sailing Tower

    Wisdom's-Pearl, the Sailing Tower

    I existed earlier today and had an idea strike me. It hurt a lot, so I complained to my friends and they said "why don't we avenge you by growing it?" And now I have this to share:


    In the West, where ocean stretches further than the horizon, there is a place. It is a place that breaks the monotony of peaceful (but sometimes wrathful) waters, where warm mist gathers on serene surface like a cloud that needed a nap. It is a place whose border is marked by wreckage, the shattered and broken once-ships, that orbit the center of this dead zone. It is a place...
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  • That's the critical flaw with what I have so far - since basically everything is relative to what an Organization is supposed to be, it's difficult to have it clash with one another. Like the example, where a tea shop that's become the hangout spot of revolutionaries and a fragile city-state that doesn't like them. Or even a tea shop competing against a massive and renowned dumpling restaurant for shop space. As Wise Old Guru has said, I'm compelled to keep inter-Organizational conflict abstract. Other Organizations may be acting against the PCs' Organization, giving it Crisis or threatening its...
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  • I should comment that The Quiet Year influenced me a lot. =o
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  • [WIP] Exaltedization - A minigame for running an organization

    I'm planning a semi-silly game where a Circle of Solars found a company and conquer Creation with money. In 2e, we had Mandate of Heaven and Creation-Ruling Mandate, but we don't have a similar minigame for 3e yet! And neither really fit my needs, so I wrote up a short minigame for running an organization. I thought some feedback would be nice, so I'm posting it here - comments are very welcome!

    Exaltedization (working title) is:
    • a minigame for running an organization that requires minimal addition or modification to the rules
    • a minigame for running an organization
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