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  • Well again I would like help with this, yes there will be a Fae Feudal Society overlapping are 21th Century North America, like in Changeling North America is split between sevrel Fae Kingdoms covering over USA, Canada, and Mexico.

    I'm not Jackie Cassada, Neil Gaiman or Guillenno Del Toro when comes to the Fae.

    Also my version of Fae races split between Seelie and Unseelie

    such as Sidhe/Drow, Troll/Orc

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  • As one who has created or wants to create the Duchy of Sunshine Coast I think it's good.

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  • First off I'm changing the title first in the series The Last Red Branch Knight, um Knights of Red Branch was the name Loyalist Military group in Northern Ireland, On Humans looking at the Fae Race to most Humans as Human but there Feudal era clothes and weapons aren't invisable to Human eyes.

    Second thing is that my Dutchy of Sunshine Coast will be were the first novel starts, since it seems that officially I can't get into the Changling RPG setting.

    I'm also a huge fan of a Song of Ice and Fire series and setting, I want my YA series to have that Urban Fae series...
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  • A Red Branch Knight novel series and setting

    Hi I want to create a YA novel series the First in the series will becalled A Red Branch Knight, set in Fae Empires of North America in 21th Century of the King-Emperor of Seelie Court and Empire of Unseelie Court.

    Like changeling setting it has a Fae Feudism overlapping modern day Human nations, and there are Fae Races other then Sidhe nobles

    When a Human looks at a Fae they only see a normal Human this due to the simple fact that Humans only see what they want to see other people, The Red Branch Knights are my Fae version of the Knight's Templars,
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