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  • Suleri Drals
    replied to Homebrew some Lower Depths!
    Not 100% homebrew because these are just non-canonical takes on canon places :

    The "True Material World" from Summoners could be seen as one lacking the Life Arcanum so everything is purely material here (this Lower Depth only feed on Life when living things go there and the planes kind of do that too if they are malevolent)

    The world of the Men in Black from the same book could also be a Lower Depth, this time lacking at least the magical part of Prime, maybe the MIB are so alien and obviously fake because they are are not humans or lacking wider aspects of...
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  • Suleri Drals
    started a topic How would you build Not!Herakles in Exalted 3E?

    How would you build Not!Herakles in Exalted 3E?

    Him being Solar is probably 99% sure (He is probably one of the main examples of the archetype that solars represent) but what caste and supernal ability would represent him the best?
    You can be more precise than that if you want tough.
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