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  • aluminiumtrioxid
    replied to How do you like your Specialties?
    Or, fuck it, Liminals are Terrestrials too, and they have a (provisional) dice cap of (Attribute + anima), so why not just use (Ability + anima)?

    But the best solution is probably Essence's (Ability) cap that applies to everyone equally. It makes dice pools less unwieldy AND it closes the gap between terrestrials and celestials AND it helps keeping non-Exalted foes relevant? Yes please....
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  • Dex 3 Brawl 5 and 7 Charms will put you solidly in the mid-tier in a typical group. You will demolish officially-statted opponents (but this is a feature). However, if your group is very light on combat-capable characters, you might want to drop your Brawl score by a dot or two (swapping Devil-Strangling Attitude for Fists of Iron or Thunderclap Rush Attack as you no longer qualify).

    Mind that a lot of opponents don't really have an answer to a 20 dice grapple followed by 20 dice on control followed by a Slam.
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