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  • MonkeyMann
    started a topic Dismemberment and vampiric healing

    Dismemberment and vampiric healing

    I'm curious about how you guys deal with the healing factor of the vampiric condition. Now I'm aware that there are the official rules and such, but as I read through "The Vampire Chroicles" book series, I found it interesting that while vampires heal, they do not regenerate lost limbs. Eyes, hans, tongues etc - if they're lost, they're lost until you manage to physically retrieve them. You can however replace them with human limbs for a while. And while I, as a Storyteller (and as a player, really, but I often differ from those around me), can see the potential in this for story hooks,...
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  • MonkeyMann
    started a topic Antagonists


    Who are your favorite antagonists in a VtR game and why?
    Whether they'e vampires, strix, hunters or something else doesn't matter. Not does it matter if they're from an official VtR book or if they're characters of your own creation.
    I'm interested in your experiences at the table with said antagonists. Who are they? How did you use them? And what made them work?...
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