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  • All right. We'll look at other avenues then Thanks for your responses
    The character is kind of an agent of chaos, so we were looking for something to subvert the intentions of enemies and adding something to the combat aspect that isn't just "We attack, Enemies attack rinse and repeat" :P...
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  • MonkeyMann
    started a topic NEED HELP! Can this spell be made?

    NEED HELP! Can this spell be made?

    So, my ST and I are both new to the game and are trying to work out whether or not a spell I desire would work in the game, and if so then how so. But we're kind of stuck, so I thought I would ask you guys.

    What I want to do is this:
    Subject A casts his/her spell targeting Subject B.
    I then cast a spell, which redirects Sucject A's spell to a target of my choosing.

    Knowing what Subject A's spell is actually intended to do is not a requirement, nor do I want to hinder it. I just want to steer it from the intended target to another target. Merely rebounding...
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