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  • Chapter II. Wires – wires everywhere!

    It’s the 22nd century and humanity has more and better technology now than its ever had in its long, tumultuous history
    - Aeon Trinity “Technology Manual” propaganda intro by William Renton.

    At least, the authors via this Avatar admit their complete solidarity with some of my points – and present totally implausible picture in the end. Now, let’s examine what did (but mostly – did not) “predict” correctly people who gave us the Trinity-verse 20 years ago speaking of general trends and fields in technology....
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  • Part I. The illusion of the Scientific-Technical “Revolution”.

    But the way the prophets of the twentieth century went to work was this. They took something or other that was certainly going on in their time, and then said that it would go on more and more until something extraordinary happened. And very often they added that in some odd place that extraordinary thing had happened, and that it showed the signs of the times.”
    - Gilbert Keith Chesterton, “The Napoleon of Notting Hill” (1904)

    Here I’d like to talk about predictions made about humanity’s...
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  • On Aeon Trinity’s brand of futurology

    The whole Aeonverse operates on the core idea of, first, the appearance of potentially omnipotent superhero-like beings (who advanced human science worldwide at unprecedented rate) and, then, them, super-hero like beings, giddily wrecking our planet and civilization for extensive time period (which, understandably, rolled back the scientific and technical progress). Seeing, as we are both long past both the Bifurcation Point Event (“Galatea’s” crash of 1998) and the extent of the described events for our near future in-Universe (“Aberrant”...
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