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  • InfernalGoose
    started a topic Craft Beer Setites

    Craft Beer Setites

    I'm so bored I could staple a soda steamer to my face. Instead, I started thinking about the Setites and their new role as the ministers of the Anarchs.

    In my mind's eye I picture a craft beer setite in flannels with suspenders and a lumberjack beard doing bartender confessionals for Anarch and mortal alike. Help me spread the liberation theology of Sutekh!

    "That's interesting. Why shouldn't you give your boss a piece of your mind?"

    "This one's on the house. What's bothering you?"

    "You know, drinking blood is pretty...
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  • InfernalGoose
    replied to Shout out to Swedes.
    Greetings from Malmö! I've been playing in as well as running a number of VtM and VtR games since the late 2000s. Wasn't until recently that I managed to get another TT group together. So far it's been mostly D&D and Mutant year zero, but I'm planning on introducing the gang to Masquerade soon. Might just give v5 a spin for this purpose!
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  • Man alive, I've missed you, Vince! You always kept things classy back on the old-old boards. I'm not being sarcastic, by the way.

    Anyway, back to lurking I go. See you at the next Forum Con.

    A Swedish Edgelord
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