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  • Uniform Two Six
    replied to Apathy of a Caern
    Well, you could always have Sept of the Western Eye just across the Gate get involved somehow. Most of the Garou there are CoGs so they might have some rather stern thoughts on an avatar of Unicorn getting Weaver-tainted.
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  • Let me rephrase that: I was playing with the idea of Stranger Things being the setting for the player characters who (entirely separately) have become aware of a secret government experiment to probe "alternate dimensions" (which, of course, turns out to be the Umbra). That all of the stuff that the main characters (of Stranger Things -- not the players) are hinted as happening in the background, while the players are set the task of stopping the experiment, fixing the Umbral damage, and somehow forcing / cajoling / tricking / just-old-murdering the humans into not repeating it agai...
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