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  • This is assuming that presence will be an actual social discipline and not just a debuff and stun like in BL1. Still, the Anarch guide stresses that Brujah influence mortals more than I remember from previous games, so hopefully they'll have some sort of advantage to doing that.

    Although that doesn't seem likely, judging by their website entry....
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  • I mean that I feel most have some of them, although on reflection, I wrote them poorly. In terms of a, b and c as "societies" usually meaning Y-splats, "familiar splat" and "environment" :
    • Vampire: Societies, familiar splat
    • Werewolf: Familiar splat, environment
    • Mage: Familiar splat, societies and environment as a distant third
    • Promethean: Just familiar splat, so far I know, especially with the alchemy.
    • Changeling: Potentially all three, but I like it for the original courts and low clarity shenanigans.
    • Geist: Usually just environment, based on how I've
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  • For me, Beast is missing three major sources of appeal that most of the other CofD games have one of or the other:
    a.) Societies. It's been said that the Player's Guide goes into this, so I'll not complain further until I forget that fact.
    b.) The splat itself being something recognisable from pop culture. That fits anything that resembles oWoD splats. That means that the player already has some ideas about what the game could like, even if it doesn't really fit as written. Beasts, from what I gather, are nightmare-monster-people who have some very strong powers and need to cause suffering...
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  • Oof, I was just starting to like Assamites with V5, but your third point fits the Tremere so well. They could otherwise the Giovanni to the Assamites' Cappodocians. The Western clans in the middle ages would find it less objectionable, which makes their origin more plausible: "They're diablerising those eastern vampires who diablerise us? Win-win." And it would make the recent turn by some of the surviving Assamites to the Camarilla more fun.

    Although I suppose that their inheriting the curse from the Assamites would undermine your first point, so that doesn't quite wor...
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