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  • QAnon, to my knowledge are conspiracy theorists and WoD's rife with genuine conspiracies. It would be convenient for the secret masters of the world if the typical factions who claimed that such cabals existed were blatantly incorrect, bigotted and either mouthpieces or useful idiots to a human/sleeper establishment that doesn't want democratically accountable institutions interfering with their affairs. The idea is explored in Shadows of New York and Night Road, even if the latter doesn't name them specifically, although I would expect WoD's books to do so as well. For that matter, it would probably...
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  • Perhaps for the historic bane, one could play up the part about being recognised. That is to say that in the past, a lot of kine knew about it. They probably didn't know that it meant that the person was Lasombra or even a vampire. But rather than assuming that it was in their head or a weird illusion, there was a good chance that they would suspect that the Lasombra was something inhuman and threatening, like a demon or monster.

    It seems noteworthy that in Thousand Years of Night, Hollow Mekhet have a similar weakness, but their technological disability isn't the part that's subject...
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  • The mechanical effect is somewhat open to interpretation:

    "Similarly, modern technology relying on touch or other form of direct interaction tends to glitch or simple act unresponsive to Magisters"

    "Use of modern communication technology, including making a simple phone call, requires a Technology test at Difficulty 2 + Bane Severity as microphones have similar problems with the voice of a Lasombra as cameras with their image. Avoiding electronic vampire detection systems is also done at a penalty equal to Bane Severity."

    That surely prevents...
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  • They were in previous editions, but they still shared Dominate and Potence. If you treat them as different disciplines in V5, they only have Dominate (sometimes) in common. Well, that, lower humanity and Italians.
    It does bring Lamia and Nagaraja a bit closer to the Lasombra spread, but I can't see many players narrowing their character concept down to a choice between one of those and Lasombra....
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