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  • Merits that give Merits -- still the cheesiest mechanic ever.

    It's interesting that whenever these threads crop up, no one ever considers Chronicle length. If you're going to play a dozen sessions and move on, then Merits are going to be a better choice*. You have to play long-term for the cost benefit of Gnosis to make a difference. Flip side? Reeeeaaaally long term can also highlight the value of Creation Only merits as all characters approach singularities of power level.

    * The things we have and don't have tend to affect the decisions we make. We gravitate towards...
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  • "[...]sensory, meaning that the mage must be able to directly see, hear, or sense her subject." -- 2E, p.114

    "Unveiling spells expose hidden things to the mage’s senses." -- 2E, p.123

    "Knowing spells deliver knowledge about something directly to the mage (or to another target)." -- 2E, p.123

    I wasn't sure if you were posing the question to me or just quoting me. 2E isn't my wheelhouse since I found the system a bit too clunky/unwieldy and so I'm not as familiar with it nor do I own all the books. You'll notice a lot of what I...
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  • Awesome, glad to help and happy you found it useful! Mage's biggest problem is that the rules are reaaaally spread out and take a lot of digging and cross-referencing.
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  • grey_goose
    commented on a Visitor Message From aLight

    It's Edge of Darkness
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  • The answer is tucked away in the definition of what type of magic is being used; specifically, Unveiling spells impart sensory information:

    Gain sensory perception of phenomena within the Arcanum’s purview. Atlanteans called this the Practice of Unveiling.
    -- Mage: the Awakening, p.131

    While Unveiling imparts sensory knowledge, Knowing allows a willworker to delve into the lore of the Mysteries.
    -- Tome of the Mysteries, p.19

    If a mystic effect imparts sensory perception of the phenomenon in question to the mage, then it is an Unveiling effec...
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  • aLight
    aLight posted a Visitor Message for grey_goose
    Hi, you mentioned on the chat that you know of or are running a 1e PbP--would be interested, potentially. Can I hear more?
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