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  • Lanaya
    started a topic Please, please fix the Lunar Bond

    Please, please fix the Lunar Bond

    This conversation has come up a couple times now on the Exalted discord server, where things are fleeting and ephemeral, and quickly drift between topics. I care about this quite a lot and would like to make it more prominently visible, so here is my plea to the devs to change how the Bond works for 3rd edition.

    The fundamental problem here, that I would like to see fixed, is that the Bond is presented as mechanically one-sided. Lunars are forced to develop a tie towards their Solar mate, who is not in turn forced into any feelings towards the Lunar. First and foremost, yes, this...
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  • Lanaya
    replied to Ask the Devs
    Given how many questions we've had on this topic - do they count towards dice caps, do they increase your dice caps, do they count for charm calculations, etc - the fact that there's no explanation at all in the books we have currently and the fact that we're getting more of these charms printed in Lunars, is there any chance of getting a sidebar in Lunars or some other upcoming book that explains how it's all meant to work? I don't love having to tell excited players that sorry but no, your Increasing Strength Exercise doesn't give you more attacks in an Iron Whirlwind Attack because a writer...
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