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  • There are already Setites in the Camarilla, they are just not represented by a Justicar. One works as an Archon and Guide to the Camarilla has several infos on how to use them.

    While I am personally not a fan of putting the Setites in any sect, since I prefer them playing all factions against each other and offering services that the sects turn to when they see no other option, using their neutrality and internal infrastructure to provide for them things like magical service (when you don't want to put yourself into debt to a Tremere) as well as other more questionable services, I...
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  • PhilHor
    started a topic Vampire and Political Horror

    Vampire and Political Horror

    So the new White Wolf defines itself as a game of "personal and political Horror". Now, I must confess that I am a little confused what exactly should "political Horror" be. Is it mortal politics or supernatural politics, or the interwoveness of both? Can an approach like "shine spotlight on ripped-from-the-headlines realism or insidious parlor politics" work in a tasteful and respectful manner without resorting to caricatures and stereotypes? Have any of you done "political horror" before and what are your experiences?
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