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  • Lareath
    replied to Mixed Cabals?
    I think it's vaguely feasible if you have some underlying pre-existing condition: ex family members
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  • It was never meant to protect against touch range spells.

    The goal of the spell is to be something of a paper tiger: it's a very narrow defense that seems much stronger than it really is. It's seeming invincibility against magic ... right up until the players apply lateral thinking to bypass it....
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  • Symbol Swallowing (Prime 2)
    Practice: Veiling
    Primary Spell Factor: Duration
    Suggested Rote Skills: Stealth, Occult, Subterfuge

    The mage conceals the Symbols that mystically define the target, rendering them mystically invisible. While still visible to the naked eye, these concealed Symbols mean that without a contesting form of supernatural perception, trying to directly target the Pattern of someone or something under the effect of this spell is impossible. The Imago is simply invalid due to the lack of targeting information. This does nothing against aimed spells...
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  • How do mages experience fate buffs to their magic?

    Say a mage is operating under Fate 2 Fools Rush In with the +3 reach effect that allows the spell to add to spellcasting pools ... how does that actually manifest? In a narrative sense I mean. What does the mage actually in-story get out of that kind of spell?

    At times I've been tempted to describe it as just happening to run across the absolutely perfect yantra for the specific spell being cast, one that by its very nature is so overly-specific and/or fleeting that it won't apply to any subsequent attempt at spellcasting. Like bird crap falling from the sky such that its motions...
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