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  • Lareath
    replied to Magical Animanls etc.
    Plus Life mutations, and weird things done like co-locating a soul into multiple bodies, or "this was dog before Paradox"
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  • Alchemists

    This is a Life/Matter legacy focusing on those qualities which make up the conceptual composition of a given object or creature, such that they might be transferred via the spell Wonderful Machine. Such qualities are hereafter referred to as "traits". I haven't bothered separating out the optional attainments, because one of the themes of the legacy is treating Life and Matter interchangeably, so they're all "more of the same, only with the other Arcana".

    1. Alchemical Distillation: The mage readies an alembic filled with nothing but tap...
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  • Roleplaying magically created social merits

    What does a spell like Social Networking (or a Fate version) actually look like and mean from a roleplay perspective?
    Are memories altered to slot the target in?
    Is there just a general vague sense of "Oh yeah that guy is one of us and I should respect him"?
    How strong do mundane security measures have to be to foul it up (for instance things like "please enter your employee id")?
    Does it manifest differently when a group is small enough for each member to know every other member on a first-name basis?
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  • Thanks, that's actually quite insightful and helpful...
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  • I've been letting statements like this go by since I didn't want to derail my own question but now my curiosity has gotten the better of me: what is the basis for this assertion that retrieving something from the past requires personally travelling into the past? Especially given spells like Temporal Summoning and Alter History?...
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  • It helped clarify my thoughts on "yes this is technically doable"...
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  • The reason I mentioned nimbus was the Death 2 spell Suppress Aura, but I suppose that could more have been a manifestation of Absence.

    But anyway, I'm more concerned with the properties of the soul itself. Not the hole made by removing one. Not the ghost sloughed off by ... "removing" a soul. The soul itself.

    "A mage can consume a soul to access any of the Subtle
    Arcana that relate to her victim. She may drink deep on the
    Fated good fortune of one victim, and the intelligence and wits
    of another unwilling donor’s Mind. She can also use...
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  • Perfecting the Soul, Beyond Soul Theft and Consumption

    What would you judge Death capable of achieving by applying the Practice of Perfecting to the purview of souls? What are the qualities of souls that could be enhanced?
    My thoughts had leaned towards enhancing nimbus tilts, increasing the effect of willpower points, and strengthening the grip of Virtue and Vice. But I'm eager to hear other people's thoughts

    Also, thoughts on Weaving and Patterning souls would be appreciated. But I figure Perfecting already provides a pretty strong guide to what those could do....
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  • This thread has been quite helpful, thanks
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  • I ... don't see how this is an objection?...
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  • True Resurrection: this shouldn't work but how?

    Ignoring just timetravelling to prevent the death in the first place, a Death 5 Time 5 mage could use Time to make an arbitrary corpse "recently dead" and use Death to fix/resurrect the dead body. Most importantly though, they could use Time and Death to retrieve the soul of the deceased from the past before their death. So that could be a full complete resurrection.

    It shouldn't be though. I just can't think of how
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