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  • This is a key piece of it for me. I haven't actually defeated and consumed any spirits in our travels. Does that invalidate my player ability to copy powers from other spirits when I create this one? Or it's ability to learn similar such powers as it grows and develops?...
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  • The MG That's some great examples, thanks for sharing! I'm starting to make a list of all spirit merits, special attacks, and charms listed in the core book to look at for a sampling, but sounds like that's the right direction.

    DrLoveMonkey So you literally built them as a character with xp and such? How did that feel by the end of creation? Were they Essence 1 when you used the Charm? I'm at Essence 3 so we're looking at potentially a different scale.
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  • Build a Spirit (Ephemeral Induction Technique)

    So my Solar sorcerer (Essence 3) finally has Ephemeral Induction Technique and wants to create something new and cool. But I'm not sure if we have enough resources on existing spirits to create such a thing. So what I'm looking for is any of the following:
    • What beings have you created with Ephemeral Induction Technique?
    • What stats have you given to homebrewed spirits of any kind?
    • What kinds of spirit powers are out there that you'd recommend choosing or building from?
    • Any other thoughts on this situation?
    I'm looking for some advice on how I can make something cool. Certainly I expect a...
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  • The Unsung Hero
    replied to Product Release Schedule
    Top result of a quick google search gave me this. It's long-winded, but it should give you what you're looking for. "How we do what we do"...
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