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  • Darkfoxdev
    started a topic False Bound abmortal

    False Bound abmortal

    When is a sin-eater not a sin eater? When it eats it's geist.

    Charlie Marshal was a medium from the day his mother died at six. he spoke with ghosts and interacted with the dead. People who met him described him as 'off' and 'out of touch'. something other mediums and those who would become bound know all to well. He was a little different though, he always felt a cold emptiness inside him. One day he was shot by a stray bullet from a convenience store holdup gone gone wrong. there he was visited by a geist and made a pact, but rather than merge with it when the geist came to him...
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  • Darkfoxdev
    replied to Ask Neall
    2 questions related to origins: how hard will it homebrew new supernatural character paths for a versatile urban fantasy game? like making new knacks and the like?
    and how hard but it be to play a witch in the classic sense? Cauldrons, crystal balls, curses that sort of thing
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  • In a mechanical sense just ramp up the amount of glamour available, multiplying the amount generated by freeholds so that it becomes plentiful, maybe lower the average banality of humanity. Metaphysically just set the dreaming back a few months seasonally. Tonally it's a big shift but you'd basically just need to figure out how to convert the setting to something more fables style. Maybe ditch the arcadian sidhe and make them all autumn just for solidarity.
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