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  • Darkfoxdev
    replied to Help understanding the Raksha
    I'm still kind of confused as to how to actually use them though.

    I'm aware that alot of their power comes from the ability to shape things in the Wyld, but when it comes to using them as NPCs I'm kind of baffled.

    Like if I'm running, say, a dynasty game, and they end up in a fight with a Raksha in creation, I don't really know how to run them. I have no real clue about how to distinguish them visually, how to decide what kinds of powers would be at their disposal or even how to be certain they are dead, I think a lot of my difficulty is that unlike a lot...
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  • Darkfoxdev
    started a topic Help understanding the Raksha

    Help understanding the Raksha

    I came in around very late 2e and am most familiar with 3e's take on the setting. Going back through 1e and looking over their depictions later on I've more or less wrapped my head around the various spirits and creatures in Exalted, where they come from, and what they do.

    However, the Raksha have always been weird to me, not in terms of their origin or nature which I get, but more what they can do and how they affect Creation. What is their role and why are they so feared? The 3e isn't super clear and I've found the information gleaned from reading about them just reinforces the...
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  • I believe 3e Silver prince is going this direction, being focused on the idea of Transcendence through death and building a good society for both the living and the dead in his realm. It was mentioned on the Discord that the basic quality of life in his realm was better than most even for the living, it has a clear direction of upward momentum and his point that being a ghost is superior to being a regular un-exalted mortal isn't exactly false considering the power (and ability to increase essence) that ghosts can acquire and mortals cannot.
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  • In My Creation i've reskinned the Lover as a particularly dark take on the Fairy Godmother trope who mastered the metaphysics of the underworld (and necromancy) and has a deep understanding of the passion plays of the dead. When she takes an interest in someone (positive or negative) it is always deep, almost obsessive and very personal, so if she likes you she will break every boundary she needs to to get you what you desired and ask for nothin in return, and then just smile when you suffer the distaste of having what you once wanted. For her deathknights this means she'll make certain you get...
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