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  • The summary of what each pillar does per dot was my own work based on what each of the Idran's pillars did and trying to assess the design being used, it's been awhile so I forget exactly why I worked so hard to break these down, I think I may have been trying to stat out Lilith for some unfathomable reason and decided she should know Archaic Sorcery....
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  • V20's guide to the black hand had pillar based magic, called archaic sorcery included as well as a darker modern version of the Chakravanti (euthanatos) called the Idran, it also basically revised the pillar system for the 20th-anniversary rules.

    Majorly it linked each pillar to four keywords which defined what exactly the pillar could affect (fire, demons, ghosts, connections, growth), making the whole thing more comprehensive. It added clearly defined spell factors to define how, for example, damage, trait buffs/penalties and area of effect worked, as well as situational modifiers...
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