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  • Where would you put 'creating a barghast' in ceremony dots

    I'm making some existing krewe's for my city, each getting a unique ceremony that is intrinsic to the krewe's beliefs, one group gets a ceremony that permanently changes your death-related key to pyre-flame and one creates a pseudo deathmask. I've managed to gauge the dot value of both of these.

    However, one group themed around Hecatean witches has a ceremony that creates a barghest and I''m uncertain where to put "creates a ghost" in terms of dot value. It creates a 1 dot ghost (two if you get an exceptional success) that always knows the Pathfinder Numen, the performer...
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  • Darkfoxdev
    replied to Sorcery?
    That's why I'm excited, It sounded really amazing, both for scion and possibly for use in other storypath games, I was hoping it might be included one of the currently upcoming books but it seems that's not the case....
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  • Darkfoxdev
    started a topic Sorcery?


    Do we know where the full rules for sorcery and the sorcerer paths will be released, I remember seeing that sorcerer paths and the rules for being a sorcerer from origins level on had to be taken out as they'd grown too big, but I don't know which if any of the future books will add them in? Mysteries of the world maybe?
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