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  • Thanks for the feedback Neos01
    The problem with Profligate Dedication is that normally using two dedicated tools gives you full benefits as defined in SoS p52.

    Using one cuts off one of that tools benefits, either 1: using it for paradox reduction or 2: using it as a path or order tool. Using no dedicated tools increases paradox risk.

    If Profligate Dedication allowed the use of one tool to have the benefits of the path or order tool and reduced paradox normally (by two) it would make sense as a merit. The way the rules work now, you only gain increased paradox...
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  • Servanous
    started a topic Broadly Dedicated magical tools

    Broadly Dedicated magical tools

    Hello collective
    I have some questions on Dedicated magical tools. I have searched the forums and not found my specific questions.

    The Broad Dedication merit in Signs of Sorcery (p 57) allows the mage to dedicate less material yantras including environments, investiture, mantras, and runes.

    1: Does this include the possibility of a mage using his Shadow Name as a dedicated tool?

    2: Could you use the Inheritance merit (same page as Broad Dedication) as a dedicated tool?

    3: When using the rules for two dedicated tools (SoS p 51) is there...
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  • Servanous
    started a topic Hung Spell and other one shot items

    Hung Spell and other one shot items

    I recently got Signs of Sorcery and I’ve been thinking lately about single use and charged items, how to make them, what kinds of spells they can store and so on. I have a few mechanics questions and some suggestions based on my understanding of the rules.

    Hung Spell (MtAw p 187) seems to have some mechanics in common with the limited use item spells in Signs of Sorcery (p 69 – 70). All of these spells specify that a mage may spend one mana to cast a spell into these other spells, which I will call “wrapper spells” but the spells cast into the wrappers, which I will call...
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  • Another stab at Perfected Adepts. I hate to necro a thread but this was the place to put it.

    The new Legacy rules are much more straight forward than first edition, and I love the Perfected Adepts. I’ve thought how to improve the attainments for this legacy (and I was bored). I basically cleaned up the work that Hardwire99 did above. I wanted to make the buffs from the attainments more practical and easier to use in combat. I also thought about how often the Adept would have to refresh each ability, so that all the Adept’s powers would be available most of the time. I worked...
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