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  • Iceblade44
    replied to Your Headcanon II
    I'm considering when Exigents get released that the Umbral Exalted will be some of the people in setting to know about the Great Curse. How much they know depends on the individual and their age but given how unlike every other Exalted, the fact that they have a semblance of control over their curse and its manifestation(Shadows) is implied to be sentient it makes sense to me that they would have some awareness of the true nature on the Exalted's tendencies to go extreme and it adds an interesting element i feel to their overall role and background in the setting. Since the Great Curse is by every...
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  • Iceblade44
    replied to Ask the Devs 3
    Will we see more set up on the Forbidden Gods, like what they actually are and such. Outside of one example(good old God of Necrophage) I'm not exactly clear what would make a God shunned by Heaven despite the text often implying that forbidden gods are a dangerous thing but no other elaboration. Sorry for the tangent, just curious on your thoughts on it
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