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  • [Hunting Ground] The Past Is Another Country: Rome

    Years and years ago I wrote a Vampire setting for Rome, and I had plans to slowly add the various splats to the city, in a way not that different from what David Hill did with Tokyo. Then life happened, and writer blocks happened, and nothing came of it. In the end this is what I came up with: I think it's better that I let it all out, for feedback and to repair my shaaaame.
    Some notes: I purposely wanted to get rid of any history baggage: there are the Dark Eras for that. So it's becoming kind of a plot point in my write ups that my splats all have some "history" with history.
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  • The Iblic, Dammitic and Exotheists were all mentioned in Secrets of the Covenant in passing. Vidal really doesn't like them. There's also a Byzantine Creed that I didn't recognize from before, is it new? Other than the names, nothing else is known about them in 2E, so they could have shifted a bit in focus, or just as much as you want them before (and if) they get updated to 2E.
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  • Various Creeds were described in the Lancea book for 1E, and as far as Secrets of the Covenants suggests, they still exist in 2E. Among them was the Westminster Creed, the Anglican/Protestant inspired one. Its founder specifically created his own Creed to help the conversion of vampires who were Protestant in life, stripped excessive cerimonialism (even if most of the rites are there, to pick and choose as a domain says). There is less "fanfare" in the cerimonies, but most rites are still practiced, even if a little bare. So Midnight Mass is definitely shorter. Also, they're pretty into...
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