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  • I don't understand all this chaos for Harmony. Its pretty clear: the pure respect their prey. Thats the only change. Oh yes and the people do not murder the people. And It has actually a lot of sense. They are still werewolves and still descendants of urfarah. They still have honor as renown and so on. Thats make them even more complicate and deep antagonists. They are prone to kill forsaken but they know that they must deal with the truth about harmony. Its probably the right price to pay to restore a world without traitors and moonslaves, for them.
    The fact that they are antagonists...
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    Last edited by Helur; 07-21-2019, 04:01 AM.

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  • I think it was a good choice to not mention every point of the oath to Urfarah. Mainly because the Pure book from first ed is one of the best, maybe the best, book of the old edition.
    I still use it, like lore of the forsaken and blood of the wolf.

    By the way, let's celebrate with some colors.

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  • Helur
    started a topic Hunting Grounds: Cold Iron

    Hunting Grounds: Cold Iron

    Hey guys, I'm writing an Hunting Ground that I will share in the storyteller's vault. My english is bad, and this version is translated from italian just to be shared here, so please don't go full grammar nazi too hard on me. The book will have a correct english translation. This is just a teaser of the book.
    Feel free to share ideas!

    Cold Iron

    Hunting Grounds: The eastern Alps

    The Cimbrian plateau are composed by various mountain valley between Veneto and Trentino, two north-eastern region of Italy.
    The eastern mountains are a cold,...
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  • Question about pure templates: they still get two dots of totem at character creation as it says here ? Can't find this rule on Shunned.
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  • One of the best book from the second editions of CoD.
    I'm not saying this because I worked hard for it, but because everything is so awesome. Hope you like the mood of my arts.
    Huge compliments to everyone who worked on it.
    The Pure are so awesome and also the new Bale Hounds.
    The gifts of blood and fervor are just WOW, the Predator Kings merits are AMAZING
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