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  • The siskur dah is an ancient instinct, not only a ritual. It's the essence of Werewolf the Forsaken. Without the hunt, werewolves don't have reason to exist.
    The sacred hunt is builded around the predator, hunter instinct. The wolf MUST hunt because is in his bones, in his blood. The Hunt is the main reason of Werewolf the Forsaken.
    Vampires need blood, sucking blood make them vampires: therefore they builded a society around it, with phylosophies, politics and so on.
    Werewolves need to hunt.
    To hunt is to be a werewolf, therefore the Siskur Dah is most sacred of all rites:...
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  • Helur
    replied to Pure in 2E?
    I think one important thing to remember is that the forsaken can be the bad guys as much as the pure.
    A pack of blood talons fanatics to Fenris Ur , hunter in darkness who performs bloody rituals to the land or storm lords devoted to pure strength, endurance and brutal dominance in the name of Skolis can be as merciless and savage as any estreme pure pack who use rape, murder and fear to control a territory and his influence. Of course the pure can be more batshit crazy because of totems and so on, but that's not exaclty the point.
    Harmony is between flesh and spirit, not good and...
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