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  • Helur
    replied to Badass uratha motherf**
    I love to create settings based on my beloved, friendly, spaghetti, corrupted nation.
    And I love to go full tarantino with crazy stuff...
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  • Helur
    started a topic Badass uratha motherf**

    Badass uratha motherf**

    The thread is full of vulgar things. Please: take it with a smile. It's a game. I just want to give some horror and badass ideas, not to talk about politics or real life topics.

    Sometimes it happens.
    Expecially with players from the first edition.
    Pure, hosts, claimed: bad
    Forsaken: good.
    No fucking way.
    And now I'm here to give you some concepts, sorry, badass-build to hunt and slaughter- nightmare-like ideas for packs of incorrect-socially unacceptable-motherfucking outlaw monsters.

    Why? Because yes, and because Forsaken
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  • So, killing blows (efficient killer).
    It's only my full dicepool of strength + brawl + weapon(claws or bite), or I can add all out + willpower + gift ( slaughterer or primal strength for example..) ?
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  • One ? With a big dose of stupidity and prudence. Two? with madness , stupidity and prudence. Three? with suicidal aspirations.

    They have to manage how to kidnap them without alerting the pack or sept. You need high Dominance and Presence, and a brilliant tactical plan.
    Remember that werewolves stalks the night in packs. And also during the day.
    The problem is not how to keep three garou ( well, it's also a problem..), but how to keep them hide and far away from their packmates/sept.
    Three kidnapped garou are a big problem, a tribe hunting your vampires, it's final...
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  • Territory and plot:

    - Nassau as pack territory, they can be both political or war pack.
    - Maybe a political storm lord pack has the control of the island, they are elder outlaw wolves
    - Like Captain Flint from black sails, another elder storm lord wants to take control of the island: the pack can join him, or the other faction of pirates on the island
    - An elder vampire command the territory, acting with terror tactics, now the pack want to riot and kill him.
    - The ivory claws managed to infiltrate the english fleet or the spanish armada: now is total war,...
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  • well:

    1- I was eating a human with my predator king yesterday and I was thinking: I do aggravated damages with my bite when I want to eat someone who is ''human''.
    Is a mage, considered human?

    2- To regenerate aggravated damages without waiting 4 damn days for one health box, is to create a oooo or ooooo fetish with a healing spirit inside?

    2.1- or a spirit ally with at least influence ooo (healing) ?
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