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  • I have a couple ideas about it.
    Glass walkers, shadow lords, silver fangs but also sometimes bone gnawers would work. Kinfolk background is always useful in every profile.

    Spirit Merchant: ( wolf among sheep, manipulator of humanity) Theurge or Philodox. High social and Mental. Rituals required to bind and summon spirits to use also in combat. Allies, Contacts, Resources, Rituals

    The Mastermind: ( leader and tactical power) Philodox or Galliard. High Social. Tactical and gifts with aoe. High dexterity or stamina, touch of stealth and intelligence. Contacts, Allies,...
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  • What you said. Yes we are a really aggressive pack. But again , there are some low level gifts too useful to not be allowed to play, and I think that to not learn some useful tricks to survive it's a really stupid decision from a garou, due to their kind of life , realistically.

    Edit; in this case my character is a ''judge and jury'' get of fenris philodox. Spirit of the Fray to me is more than well suited for such a concept.
    Also. This '' characters acting out of auspices'' really depends on the kind of character they are. An uktena theurge will never be the same as a Get...
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  • We totally allow to buy rank one and rank two gifts from other auspice/tribe/breed as the book totally allow it, and if there are garou that can teach you the gift you want.
    We ask for heavy chiminage only for rank 3 or 4 gifts from other lists, but we do not allow to buy out of-breed/tribe/auspice most of rank 4 gifts and all rank 5.
    I think it's not realistic to find rank 2+ without spirit of the fray, even the most anti-physical,low rage-theurge would find it really useful. Also, a pack without a theurge, therefore without Healing power, will be totally fucked....
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