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  • Cinder
    replied to You Know What I Hate MK I
    I am so mad about what is going on with the Amazon forest. Which is part of the huge amount of reasons to be mad right now and yet another sign of how fucked up things are, but that's how I feel at the moment.
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  • Cinder
    replied to [OOC] Dark Eras Changeling - Vae Victis
    These are some of the most sadly notorious Gentry Rome’s Lost know about:

    • The Beekeeper.The Beekeeper owns the perfect farm, with perfect fields, trees who bear all sorts of fruit, and the ideal country to live in. What he’s most proud of, though, are his numerous apiaries and the honey they produce. But such a magnificent farm needs workers, tools, seeds, and animals to function. The apiaries need bees. Something the Beekeeper dutifully provides, whether he can create them, find them in the Hedge or kidnap from the mortal world.

    • Faber. Faber is an architect. Not...
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  • Cinder
    started a topic [OOC] Dark Eras Changeling - Vae Victis

    [OOC] Dark Eras Changeling - Vae Victis

    This is the Out of Character thread for a Play by Post Chronicle I'll run with Second Chances and White Oak Dragon . It's a Changeling game set in Imperial Rome. Posting it here so we can start discussing things and for people to have a look at it should they be interested to see our shenanigans. Ok, here's the pitch:

    It’s the year 107 AD. Emperor Traian’s armies have just returned in triumph from Dacia, defeating both a long-standing menace and bringing back riches and slaves. Traian is a good emperor. Not the wisest, nor the strongest, but he is a principled man with a strong...
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  • Ok, access to Atavisms varies a little depending on the Family you decide to pick, but here's my two cents:

    - Attributes & Skills are rather straightforward. Presence and Manipulation are mandatory, but others like Wits, Resolve and Composure will likely come in handy with the concept you have in mind. As for Skills, Persuasion, Subterfuge, Empathy and Socialize are the first which come to mind.

    -Merits somewhat depend on the details (and give you more details as well), but stuff like Alternate Identity, Barfly, Striking Looks and Trained Observer are good starting...
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